Photo Story 01 :: Las Vegas

Las Vegas – A city you must visit if you want to have fun and forget everything else. The glamour, music, sparkle and excitement of the city takes you to a different world. This is a Photo Story of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon through my lens. A detailed travelogue will be updated in another post, where you will get an idea of when and how to visit, what are the attractions and what to do when you land in The Entertainment Capital of the World!

The Entertainment Capital of the World




Bellagio Resort


Paris Hotel – ‘The City of Lights’ meets the ‘Sin City’ and also has a replica of Eiffel Tower


End your day with some music

At night, just go for a walk at The Strip, which is a 4.2 miles long stretch and it will give you the feel and the vibe of being in Las Vegas. The enthusiastic crowd, sparkling lights, street music, magnificient resorts and the lip-smacking food will gift you a memory to last for a long time.


Hoover Dam

Plan a trip to Hoover Dam, an engineering marvel, named after President Herbert Hoover. Take the tour inside to see the marvelous turbines and generators. All these were done during the thirties which makes it even more astonishing.


The Grand Canyon

It needs no introduction and no wonder it attracts around five million visitors per year. It is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and should be in everybody’s bucket list. The Helicopter Ride is the best way to get the bird’s eye view of the thrillingly beautiful landscape and it’s vastness.


Capture the memories for a lifetime 🙂





ख़्वाब जो साथ देखे है हमने 

हर उस सपने को सजाना है,

छोटे छोटे अनगिनत है 

हर ख़्वाहिश को पंख लगाना है|


भाग दौड़ की ज़िंदगी में 

दो पल साथ बिताना है, 

ख़ूबसूरत से उस पल में 

ख़ामोश ही रह जाना है|


पहचान बनाने की इस दौड़ में 

ख़ुद को भूल जाना है,

ठेहरा हुआ एक शाम हो

सुकून आजमाना है|


अनकही बातों के समंदर में 

पलकों से सब कह जाना है,

कुछ सवालों के इशारे पे 

बस हल्का सा मुस्कुराना है|


दूरी कभी ना हो हम में 

इतना प्यार जताना है,

आशियाँ हो तेरे बाहों का 

तेरे बाहों में बस जाना है| 




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Baby No. 2


Yes! We always wanted you,

We were waiting for our baby number two!


You are not an addition or a bonus,

You are here to complete us


Your big brother needs you,

For all the mischief, old and new


Together we’ll play games of four,

Your daddy will let you win for sure


With you in our arms and the elder one on lap,

I can imagine how adventurous would be our nap


Come soon little one, can’t wait any further,

Double the happiness of your dad, mom and brother



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Travel 01 :: Bhimbetka – MP, India

Auditorium Rock
Tortoise Rock
Zoo Rock

Recently, I travelled to Bhopal, The City of Lakes, which is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, India. While browsing through the tourist spots of Bhopal, I was fascinated by the Tropic of Cancer and ensured I take a picture there. People mostly visit the wonderful lakes that make the city look beautiful, however, we chose to visit caves!

bb10Yes, Bhimbetka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, derives its name from Bhimbaithka, meaning a place where Bhima sat and is associated with the epic Mahabharata. It is located in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh which is around 45kms from Bhopal and we reached there by car.

The one hour drive had scenic beauty, more because we visited in the monsoons and it was greenery all around. You can see the huge rocks from a distance, thus, making it more interesting. When we reached the spot, they charged a nomibb11nal entry fee and provided a safe parking space.

Comfortable footwear is highly recommended if you are planning to visit the rock shelters. Also, carry a good quality camera as you will witness certain spots which cannot be captured by your mobile camera. The moment you enter, you witness two huge rock structures, which are magnificent and beautiful. Don’t forget to peek inside the caves, as you will find exotic sculptures in them.


bb6As you move forward, you will be mesmerized by the trail covered by trees and rocks leading to the fifteen glorious rock shelters one after the other. We were amazed to see the rock paintings dated back to around 30,000 years. There were paintings of cattle, warriors riding horse, boar and tents. This archaeological site is a must visit for History and Photography lovers.

Some prominant attractions were the Auditorium Rock, Zoo Rock and the Tortoise Rock. There is also a map located in the middle of the trail elaborating the fifteen rock shelters and guiding you about your location.

Best time – August to March is the best time to visit. Avoid summers.

Timing – 6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Also, don’t forget to relish the local cuisine of a plate of poha-jalebi on your way back home!

How to reach – Nearest railway station is Bhopal and nearest town is Hoshangabad from where you can reach there by any means of road transport. You can also visit Bhojpur Shiv Temple on the same day, which boasts a 40 feet tall Shiv-linga in a temple that is in a height of 13 feet and is incomplete for reasons unknown.


With the lush green flora covering the narrow trail amidst the gigantic rocks boasting the cave paintings, Bhimbhetka surely is a gift to us from our ancestors.



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Recycle & Reuse – 02 :: Newspaper to a Photo Frame


Though today’s generation finds reading e-newspaper more convenient, I love the fact that we still have a large bunch of people who continue to read the newspaper in the traditional way. A cup of morning tea in one hand and a newspaper on the other has its own charm and I wish that never fades away.

Ever thought what you can do with those old newspapers that keep piling up? A lot of beautiful things can be made and I’ll be sharing all those ideas in my blog. In this post, I would share with you all, how you can use the old newspapers to make a very decorative photo frame.

Things required – Newspapers, glue, cardboard and a pair of scissors. n2

Step 1 – Cut the cardboard to give it a shape of a photo frame. You can use a photo to get the actual size. Keep it aside.

Step 2 – Cut the newspaper into equal pieces and roll them to make tubes.

Step 3 – Apply glue and roll the tubes to give them a round shape.

Step 4 – Stick those round pieces to the cardboard to decorate it. To hide the cardboard you can cover it with another newspaper or a decorative paper of your choice.

Insert your best photo in the frame that you made all by yourself. You can also gift it to your loved ones and they will treasure it forever. I have gifted it to some of my dear ones and they loved it.

So, what’s stopping you, grab all the newspapers you have in your home and start decorating.

I’ll be sharing more ideas of recycling and reusing newspapers to make useful and beautiful things that you can use for yourself or gift others.

A video tutorial will be uploaded soon on my YouTube channel but till then you can enjoy some music played by me.

Comment and let me know if you like this idea and also try making one today.



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Recycle & Reuse – 01 :: Wedding Cards to Envelopes


What do you do with all the extra wedding cards that are piled up after a wedding at home? Probably, you don’t even remember what happened to your wedding cards!

Don’t throw them away because here I’ll share a recycling idea that would make a very useful item from those left-over cards which are of no use anymore.

Envelopes! Yes, ever thought how you can re-use a beautiful wedding card by making it an envelope? No? So, this article is just for you.

Let’s get started.

Things required – Wedding cards, glue and a pair of scissors.

Step 1 – Tear off the written part of the card. For single layered cards, you can stick two cards to hide the written part.

Step 2 – Cut from the sides to give it a rectangular shape. You can use an old envelope to check the size and cut accordingly.

Step 3 – Cut along the length of the inner side of the card. Now, fold the outer side of the card to flip it over the inner side.card2

Step 4 – From the cover of the card, cut the address part and keep aside. Also, cut two equal folds from the cover which would be of the size of the breadth of the envelope.

Step 5 – Stick the two folds in the inner side of the card. This helps in creating some room inside the envelope.

Step 6 – Stick the address part on the back corner of the envelope.

Let it dry and your envelope is ready!

Six simple steps to make a very useful product out of waste. You can use this beautiful envelope for gifting cash, gift cards or vouchers to your friends and relatives. You can also use it for storing and sorting your personal things in your file.

So, next time you get an invitation or there is a wedding at home, you know what to do with that Wedding Card!

A video tutorial will be uploaded soon on my YouTube channel but till then you can enjoy some music played by me.

Comment and let me know if you like this idea and also try making one today.


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Let’s Go Back




Let’s go back to the days so free,
When our world meant just you and me,
Those were the days without worry and stress,
Time spent in peace and quietness

Let’s go back to the morning dew,
To the beginning when everything was new,
Laughing together would make my day,
In silence, you heard what I strived to say

Let’s go back to the picturesque evenings,
A coffee, a corner and talks never-ending,
Watching the moon in the starry nights,
When nothing was wrong, just perfect and right

Let’s go back to the clear blue sky,
When we gave wings to our thoughts and they flew high,
Let’s go back to that musical rain,
Let’s just fall in love again



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