Miracle (Flash Fiction)

They were childhood sweethearts and absolutely inseparable. “You should get married now,” everyone insisted. They readily agreed and decided to get married. Everything was happening smoothly when Sneha suddenly fell sick. She was diagnosed with a deadly disease with very less chances of survival. Their families didn’t want them to stay together anymore but how could Rohan leave her alone when she needed him the most. He stood by her side. Against everybody’s wish, he took her abroad for treatment. Their marriage never happened but miracle did. He would sit beside her for hours and play guitar. Music does have a healing power. She recovered completely. Today, while walking he said, “Anything can happen. I now believe in miracles and the reason is you.” She blushed and their love continued to bloom.

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The Young Man and the Sea

wow sea

Who doesn’t love a beach? When we were looking for a new home, we found this beach to be just 3 kms away and so, we didn’t waste any time to finalize it. Now, we spend almost all our evenings there and return home relaxed.

Walking, running, making sand castles, collecting sea-shells and sometimes just watching the waves is how we end our days now. The vastness of the sea takes away all the worries and stress and leaves us fresh and calm. If you close your eyes, you can hear the sound of the waves clearer and I must say, it has a soothing power which is no less than meditation.

Also, I just can’t stop clicking pictures. Every picture turns out to be serene, such is the beauty of the sea. This particular picture is of my son watching the waves. At home, he just can’t sit in one place but the sea seems to have completely mesmerized him. I wonder what thoughts must be running in his mind, maybe many, maybe none. I’ll wait till he is big enough to pen his thoughts but for now, I couldn’t resist myself from capturing this beautiful moment of the young man and the sea!

Here are a few more pictures from the beach.

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माँ (Maa)

image1 (6)

माँ के लिए क्या लिखू माँ ने ख़ुद मुझे लिखा है,
भगवान कंहा है पता नहीं पर माँ में मुझे वो दिखा है
माँ बनना कितना मुश्किल है ये माँ बनकर पता चला,
माँ के हर मुसकान का राज मुझे आज पता चला
माँ मेरी माँ दुर्गा जैसी सर्व शक्ति सवरूपिनी,
माँ से ना हो पाये दुनिया में ऐसा कोई काम नहीं
माँ के हाथ के पराँठे के आगे छप्पन भोग भी फीका है,
हर परिस्थिति का सामना करना माँ से ही सिखा है
बिना कहे ही समझ जाति है दिल की हर बात,
तबियत ख़राब हो जाय तो जाग जाति है पुरी रात
पढ़ाई की हर कठिनाई को माँ ने ही किया आसान,
बड़े प्यार से पुरा किया मेरे दिल के हर अरमान
सदा यूँही ख़ुश रहे ग़म का ना हे कोई नाम,
हसते और खिलखिलाते हुऐ बीते हर शाम
ये बात ज़ुबान पे कभी आयी नहीं की मुझको कितना प्यार है माँ से,
सच तो ये हे की मेरी हर साँस हे माँ से
ऐसी माँ की बेटी बनकर धन्य हुआ मेरा जीवन,
माँ की हर ख़ुशी के लिए कर दूँ मैं अपना सबकुछ समरपन

Watch me recite my poem “Maa” on YouTube. (click the link)

I had written this poem around three years ago and today I felt like reciting it and share it with my YouTube audience. I dedicated this poem to my mother, she was the happiest then and she is again the happiest now after watching my video.

Below is the WOW prompt that required us to recycle an old blogpost. I recycled it by adding a video to my blogpost. Hope you all like it. Stay tuned for many more such videos in my YouTube channel and definitely SUBSCRIBE and help my channel grow.

WOW: Recycle A Blogpost

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Staying Fit – The Easy Way! #BlogchatterHealthWatch



The moment a new year kicks in, we go berserk and hit the gym to stick to our resolutions. The enthusiasm, the fresh beginning and also the fees we pay push us for a few weeks and then it’s all over. Why? Because we take exercise as a burden. How about taking it the easy way and continue doing it for a longer time, maybe forever.

The plan is to implement small changes in your daily routine and direct them towards staying fit. It really doesn’t require to be a rigorous workout, lifting weights or getting a fitness trainer. You can begin with small steps like going for a walk, taking the stairs instead of the lift, eating a fruit, avoiding junk food, increasing the amount of water intake, practising yoga or just enjoying an outdoor sport. Every small step you take towards staying healthy will eventually become a habit and help you in the long run.

Also, how about sharing these changes with your friends? You never know you might just inspire somebody by sharing an easy idea of staying fit. Sharing pictures of the effort you are taking for your health will only spread positivity and happiness. Stick to those tiny efforts and you will be surprised to see the changes it does to your body.

Let’s make it more interesting by joining a challenge. Join the 21-day activity called #BlogchatterHealthWatch and share your pictures on Instagram. Spread the word and inspire more people towards leading a healthy life. I am joining it, are you?

To know more about it, click the link below:-


View from Top


I admire people who work hard endlessly to achieve great physical stamina, take for example the mountaineers. A little uphill trekking leaves me panting, I wonder how do they even think of reaching heights like the Everest. The immense hard work that they consistently do, finally, pays off when they reach the summit. I personally have huge respect for people who push their limits to reach their goal.

If I ever get a chance of becoming someone’s shadow for a day, I would love to choose the next mountaineer who is on his way to climb the Everest. It would be an experience of a lifetime. The thrill, the adventure, the feeling of going through a life-threatening task and the mere sense of achievement would be out of the world. I wish I could also help him in his efforts but because I’ll just be a shadow, I would simply follow him like a lone traveller.

There’ll be nobody to talk to, which I don’t mind at all, I would enjoy the beauty all by myself. It must be freezing cold there, but the shadow doesn’t need a jacket, neither water nor food. Becoming a shadow would be such a carefree experience. Travelling without baggage, without getting tired and without any efforts I would follow the mountaineer to the peak. How exhilarating the experience would be! I would accompany him at the happiest moment of his life.

This fantasy is so thrilling that just the imagination of it is giving me chills. In real life, I might never be able to take the hardships to climb the Everest, but if I can become a shadow, I would surely fulfil this latent wish of mine.

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Follow your Passion

There is a long list of things that makes me smile, that makes me happy. I hardly frown and get happiness in almost everything that’s around me. For this post, I’ll stick to one such thing that never fails to bring a smile on my face and that is when I follow my passion and play my keyboard.

Yes, apart from a writer, I am also an YouTuber and am extremely passionate about it. I love playing my keyboard and that is what made me create my own YouTube channel. When I uploaded my first musical video, I had no plans and I didn’t even imagine I’d be able to reach such a huge audience.

Today, when my channel crossed 500 subscribers and over 1 Lakh views, I pinched myself to believe it. Following your passion will always make you happy and when you reach milestones, you are the happiest.

I play my keyboard to de-stress myself, I take a break from everything else and play it for hours. It’s soulful, it’s relaxing and it instantly makes me happy.

With this post I would love to introduce my YouTube channel to everyone who reads my blogs, especially Blogadda community. Blogadda has been making me happy from the past eleven weeks. Every time I win a WoW badge, there’s a smile on my face. I take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Blogadda for making so many people happy through their blogging initiatives. Now it’s my turn to make you happy! I hope am able to spread some smiles through my music.

Happiness to me is following your passion. Take out time from your busy schedule and do something that you really want to do. The happiness you’ll get out of it is unmatchable. Dream, follow your passion and live your life to its fullest.

Visit my YouTube channel here.

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Salute to You, New Mom


The family members congratulate each other, a baby is born. Somewhere behind the curtains, the mother is still being operated, she just had a c-section surgery after going through a marathon two days of labour. She’s exhausted, her body has gone through a lot, she wants to sleep, there’s a drop of water in her eyes and a smile on her face, a mother is born.

She’s kept on pain medication for days, recovering from a surgery is not easy. She’s petrified to even touch her belly, which is now numb and bears a permanent scar. She shudders at the thought of turning to her sides while sleeping. All that she wants to do now is just lay down and sleep unperturbed for hours, but that is out of the question.

She’s woken up from her deep sleep as it’s time to nurse her tiny one. Unable to even sit on her own, she’s taught how to hold the baby with utmost care and learn the nuances of nursing. Swollen breasts and sore nipples only add to her woes. After labour, breastfeeding is another painful nightmare that she goes through.

She’s then asked to start walking, a little bit of movement will help in recovering sooner. The body still feels heavy, the belly still looks pregnant and she feels dizzy as she takes her first step to walk. Next, she’s advised to take a shower, her heart skips a beat when she looks at herself in the mirror. Not just physically, even mentally she goes through a pain. That’s the onset of postpartum depression and it makes her life miserable.

She cries when nobody’s watching, she’s sad about losing her lustrous hair, she’s fed up of taking medicine and can’t bear any more pain. While her mind wanders and weaves wired thoughts, her baby looks at her with those big eyes and suddenly smiles, taking away all her pain and making her feel wonderful. You are the most beautiful one for your baby.

That was me. I felt miserable after giving birth. I was depressed and everything around me was frustrating. I was irritated and agitated by every single thing. I looked horrible, didn’t even feel like combing my hair. Amidst all the woes, the only source of happiness was the dimpled smile of my baby. His eyes would twinkle every time he saw me. With a smile so bright, he took away all my sadness and made me feel beautiful from within.

It’s you, it’s me and it’s every new mom. You are beautiful. Believe in it.

Everything that your body has endured in the last nine months has only made you stronger, more than that you can imagine of. If you are a new mom and you are going through this phase, stay calm and you’ll emerge stronger and more beautiful than ever. If you are a mom who has gone through this experience, you know what I am talking about, you know you are truly beautiful.

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